Good Food should be shared & enjoyed by all

Downtown Brookston
210 South Prairie Street

Located in Downtown Brookston, Indiana is Two Cookin' Sisters, a small specialty food company co-owned by sisters, Kristi Robinson Rensberger and Kim Robinson. Purdue University graduates & 10-year 4-H members, the sisters decided to put their backgrounds in food and marketing into building Two Cookin' Sisters. Their mother, Carolyn Robinson, also a Purdue graduate and the girls' onetime 4-H leader, works at the stove and offers her endless support and love for jam!

Their first product, Big Sister Salsa, is a pepper-based salsa with a very unique flavor. The first bite reveals a fresh, sweet taste that gives way to some tantalizing heat! The recipe includes the freshest and the best combination of sweet peppers, hot peppers and all the in-between peppers. Big Sister Salsa was introduced to the salsa-crazed public in September 2001 at the Apple-Popcorn Festival in Brookston. Two Cookin' Sisters have been cookin' ever since!

Two Cookin' Sisters product line has grown over the years and now includes, Craizinutapple Butter, Sweet Dill Pickles, many, many jams, relishes, bags of spicy nuts, granola & salad dressings. "We believe that all good food should be shared and enjoyed by all. Our recipes are made with quality ingredients, a little sense of humor and with a love for good food. How can you go wrong with a food gift? It's always the right color and the right size!"

Two Cookin' Sisters Specialty Food Co. & Shop opened their doors in May 2005 filling the shelves with their delicious specialty food products, art, gift items and other specialty foods- all made in Indiana!

The Made in Indiana theme as been a big hit! People love the idea that good food, art and unique gift items are all made by Hoosiers! The large selection of Indiana products steadily grows at
Two Cookin' Sisters Specialty Food Co. & Shop.Made in Indiana specialty food products include; popcorn, BBQ sauce, teriyaki sauce, scone mix, maple syrup, pancake mixes, bread flour, soup beans, gourmet pretzels, hot sauce, several flavors of beef jerky, honey, fresh cheeses, Made in Indiana art and gift items include; scented candles, hand-woven rugs, stained glass, hand-blown glass ornaments, photography, watercolor paintings, pottery, beaded gifts, handmade soap, painted gourds, jewelry, handbags and a large selection of handmade cards. An interesting display of small antiques, vintage items and collectibles fill the nooks and crannies throughout the shop.

In 2006, the sisters opened The Prairie Street Market- the fun place on the corner! Serving up ice cream, nachos, hot dogs, snacks, sodas, candies & more goodies! Grab some cheese from Fair Oaks Dairy, fresh local eggs, and homemade peanutbutter! Sit out on the patio and enjoy the view of Downtown Brookston!


For more information, contact Kim Robinson at:, or 765-563-7377


How We Started Our Small Specialty Food Company
Two Cookin’ Sisters- Big Sister Salsa

By Kim Robinson
$9.95 Booklet
“A quick lesson is how to start your own small specialty food business. Learn the lessons from the road with Two Cookin’ Sisters and their experience in starting their salsa side business that has grown into a full-time specialty food production company and retail store. Enjoy their story, tips and advice.”